know your jewelry: consulting + valuation

cultured pearl and silver branch brooches

cultured pearl and silver branch brooches


Know Your Jewelry:



Have you inherited jewelry? Do you need to divide pieces amongst family? Do you want to know if anything is real? Can it sell? Remember, just because a piece of jewelry is old, does not make it valuable!


All these questions come up regarding your jewelry. I will help you understand just what you have (costume or real); what the values are; how to divvy up for equal values; determine what is salable, and the best ways to proceed to meet your individual goals.


I bring 30 years of experience in the jewelry world to my meetings with you – from Senior Specialist of Fine Jewelry at Bonhams Auctioneers, to wholesale buying/selling, to diamond dealer on the East coast, to retail and jewelry design.

This gives me a full understanding to best address any questions, and how to objectively direct you in your needs.


If you do not need to spend the higher cost of formal written document, I provide a cost effective, more causal, fun, and informative experience in understanding your jewelry.

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